HAELAN 851® & 951® products produce the results other soy products and their manufacturers try to duplicate. However, with over 10,000 varieties of soybeans and the infinite blending possibilities of the isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, phytates, and phytic acid combinations that are possible, it is impossible for an outsider to duplicate Haelan’s products. In addition, Haelan’s low heat processing and other trade secrets, developed and improved upon over the last 15 years by researchers in the United States and China, continually demonstrate their superior results in the market place.

Haelan’s superior results are achieved by the assimilation and delivery, at a cellular level, to both normal and abnormal cells, the isoflavones and other concentrated micronutrients that are naturally occurring in soybeans. In addition, Haelan’s proprietary processing produces compounds that are not found in other soybean products, even if they are fermented products. Haelan’s oral assimilation of proteins in the bloodstream achieves the lower levels of intravenous hospital nutrition (at a cost normally exceeding $1,000/day) to improve the nutritional profiles of those who are suffering from malnutrition. Manufacturers of “dry” soy products cannot achieve the assimilation levels necessary to improve the nutritional profiles of those who are suffering from protein calorie malnutrition, nor do they prevent the heat destruction of enzymes and other heat sensitive compounds derived from soybeans.

The thrust of Haelan’s research since 1991 has been to improve fermentation processing, micronutrient assimilation, and raw material blending in order to maximize the synergistic results of the naturally occurring compounds found in soybeans. Since that time, various improvements in processing, selection of raw materials, and a continuing research program have constantly produced more efficient products that produce results that are unmatched. Many of Haelan’s customers have heard the story from various other manufacturers who tout clinical studies and published success stories featuring Haelan’s 851® and 951® products. They say “we have the same thing” but when you read the labeling (if they have them) you find the raw materials are different, you can see differences in appearance, and when they try the products we get reports that the results are different.

People taking other soy products may experience unhealthy life giving energy losses, as measured by photon emissions from the body, whereas healthy products conserve the body’s life giving energy and reverse health problems. The above chart shows a comparison of the “health” energy (6+ reading) experienced by a user taking Haelan’s 951® Platinum Formula, as compared to the “negative” energy (-800 reading) experience by the same person using a competitive product. The lesson to be learned is that all soy products are not equal. When processing plays an important factor in determining product results you can’t look at the labels and compare products. When it comes to future results, no better indication of future results can be predicted than by looking at past performance. Clearly the performance “track” record to be envied belongs to Haelan Products, Inc. Experienced doctors and patients alike will tell you Haelan’s 951® products set the standards.