Introduction to Haelan 951 Fermented Nutritional Products

Haelan is an internationally recognized health product that provides a full spectrum of nutritional components that are not contained in the normal food supply.

The goal of nutrition is to support skeletal muscle and the incorporation of nitrogen into proteins. Haelan’s nitrogenated soybean beverages do this better than any foods or supplements on the market today. In addition, Haelan is an excellent source of concentrated bio-available isoflavones (genistine, diadzine, etc.) and other soybean phytochemicals that are food micronutrients required for optimal health. These micronutrients are normally deficient in the diets of North Americans and result in health problems that are directly related to these nutrient deficiencies.

Haelan is sold as a nutritional product and, therefore, we are not able to make medical claims for our products. Neither are we able to use any of the unsolicited testimonials or published articles about people who regained their health by supplementing their diets with Haelan’s products.

Haelan’s fermented soybean beverages are excellent sources of predigested soy proteins for those who are suffering from malnutrition due to poor assimilation of foods or the toxic side-effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Chemotherapy, depending on the agent used, can alter the patients’ nutritional status by interfering with cellular metabolism, or by producing nausea, vomiting, food aversions, taste changes, diarrhea, and stomatitis. The site, level of strength, and duration of radiation therapy are known to affect the degree of nutritional injury. The combined side effects of adverse nutritional impact symptoms predispose the patient to malnutrition, which can result in physical deterioration, lack of response to treatments, and possibly death. Therefore, the nutritional status of those suffering from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation must be properly assessed in order to insure that the patient receives a meaningful supply of beneficial proteins that can be assimilated into the bloodstream for easy use by the body.

Haelan’s protection from the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and radiation was excellent in a clinical study involving 318 patients (276 receiving chemotherapy and the balance radiation). Haelan’s 951 reduced the toxicity of the side effects of the treatments and, in addition, none of the patients required a blood transfusion nor did anyone have to discontinue a scheduled course of treatment because of physical weakness. In this example, please note that Haelan was used as a nutritional product to offset the toxicity and side effects of the treatments for a disease, not in conjunction with the chemotherapy and/or radiation to treat the diseases.