Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much Haelan 951 should I take and for how long?

In our experience, depending on the severity of someone’s condition, people have experienced much success from taking 40 to 60 bottles at a bottle a day and then cutting down to a half bottle or quarter bottle as maintenance. For more severe cases, some people take up to 120 bottles at a bottle a day before cutting down. This is a suggestion based on our past experience. Haelan 951 is a nutritional supplement, not a drug so no specific dosage is prescribed.

2. How many times a day should I take Haelan 951?

It is suggested that the product be taken twice a day. Half on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast and the other half on an empty stomach 2 to 3 hours after your last meal of the day. This ensures maximum absorption into your system. The soybean proteins have been hydrolyzed to amino acids for immediate assimilation into the bloodstream.

When used orally, remember to drink one or two glasses of water each time you consume the product.

3. Can I add something to improve the taste of Haelan 951?

The concentration of isoflavones and amino acids in this product make it quite bitter. In addition, the liquid is alkaline and sometimes taste is a problem to some consumers. The following suggestions are helpful in overcoming the taste and palatability:

If necessary, you can add an herbal sweetener named STEVIA, which should be available at most healthfood stores. STEVIA is approved by the FDA in the US and by Health Canada in Canada. Stevia is a plant native to South America and is now grown and cultivated throughout the world. Depending on the brand, stevia is usually about 4 times sweeter than sugar. The packaging should have mixing instructions.

Add one or two teaspoons (for each four ounces of Haelan 951) of Raw Cider Vinegar. This should be added immediately prior to drinking the product. The vinegar should offset some of the product’s alkalinity and improve the taste.

People with any types of cancer should avoid sugar in their diet. Therefore, sugar is not recommended.

For those who cannot drink the beverage orally, Haelan 951 can be used as a retention enema.

4. If Haelan has many successes, why is it not more widely publicized as a cancer cure?

There have been about 6,000 overall cases over the last eight years Haelan Products has been in business. The product is sold as a nutritional product without medical claims so as such, we cannot advertise except for its nutritional benefits. Only drugs can make curative claims.

5. Do any healthcare professionals use Haelan 951 for their patients?

Yes, many of our distributors are healthcare professionals such as naturopathic physicians, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, and practitioners of alternative and integrative medicine.

6. I am a healthcare professional. How do I become a distributor of Haelan 951?

Healthcare professionals should contact the Canadian or US headoffice and forward a copy of their credentials to Haelan Products Inc.